रातो र चन्द्र सुर्य - Phatteman

रातो र चन्द्र सुर्य play

    रातो र चन्द्र सूर्य, जङ्गी निशान हाम्रो
    जिउंदो रगत सरी यो, बल्दो यो शान हाम्रो

    हिमाल झै अटल यो, झुकेन यो कहिल्यै
    लत्रेन यो कहिले, जङ्गी निशान हाम्रो
    यो जन्मदै जगतमा, कयौ प्रहार आए
    साम्राज्य दुई हारे, हारेन यो शान हाम्रो

    जबसम्म चन्द्र - सुर्य, आकाशमा रहन्छन्
    तबसम्म हुन्छ आफ्नै, रातो रगत यो हाम्रो
    गाई सरी छन साधु, जो जो यहाँ जगतमा
    सबको शरण बलियो, जङ्गी निशान हाम्रो

    Rato ra chandra surya, jangi nishana hamro
    Jiundo ragat sari yo, baldo yo shana hamro

    Himal jhai atal yo, jhukena yo kahilyai
    Latrena yo kahile, jangi nishana hamro
    Yo janmadai jagatma, kayau prahar aae
    Samrajya dui hare, harena yo shana hamro

    Jabasamma chandra - surya, aakashma rahanchhan
    Tabasamma hunchha aaphnai, rato ragat yo hamro
    Gai sari chhana sadhu, jo jo yaha jagatma
    Sabko sharan baliyo, jangi nishana hamro

    The Red, the Moon and the Sun
    Indeed this national symbol of ours
    Alive as a virile blood
    With it blazes our pride

    Firm like the Himalayas
    It never bows down low
    Never did it lean and gave up
    This national symbol of ours

    From the day it was born
    It confronted many an attack
    Defeated were the two nations at its side
    But never did our symbol ever lose its pride

    As long as the moon and the sun
    Keep existing in the sky
    Will our blood remain pure in us
    Red and independent thus

    Wise are every dwellers of this land
    So are the ascetics like benign cows
    A shelter so strong protecting all
    This national symbol of ours

    Paleti is a micro event series dedicated to Nepali Adhunik Sangeet. As of now, Paleti has already received blessings and participations of over 50 senior artists.

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