About Paleti

Paleti is a micro event series that celebrates Nepali Adhunik Sangeet. Since its inception in 2005 by Nepa~laya, Paleti has been graced by the participation of over 50 esteemed artists. The initiative aims to spotlight musicians who have contributed memorable songs but have either been overlooked or have not performed solo in front of an audience. Furthermore, Paleti has played a pivotal role in strengthening the musical ties between Nepal and other Nepali speaking northeast states of India like Darjeeling.
The events have been held at Nepa~laya’s ‘r’-shala in recent years. Composer Aavas has been at the helm of coordinating Paleti from the start.
In addition to celebrating live music, Paleti also strives to archive Nepali Adhunik music. To this end, Nepalaya records, produces, and publishes videos of live performances on the Paleti YouTube channel. Additionally, Paleti’s music is available on major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music.


The Paleti series is managed by Nepa~laya, an art management company. Besides Paleti, Nepa~laya also manages the popular folk-rock band Nepathya under the same wing of events and music. Nepa~laya also has its film production division to assist foreign filmmakers in managing their permits , logistics , and even research and story ideas . Additionally, Nepa~laya also has a publication wing which is one of the leading book publication houses in Nepal. Nepa~laya also runs Balrachana, an initiative aimed at facilitating children's learning through musical videos.