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Gurung - April 2008paleti-with-shantanu-kumar-limbu-february-2008 Paleti with Shantanu Kumar Limbu - February 2008paleti-with-premdhoj-pradhan-january-2008 Paleti with Premdhoj Pradhan - January 2008paleti-with-aavaas-december-2007 Paleti with Aavaas - December 2007paleti-with-sangita-pradhan-november-2007 Paleti with Sangita Pradhan - November 2007paleti-with-ashok-rai-august-2007 Paleti with Ashok Rai - August 2007paleti-with-ratna-shamsher-thapa-june-2007 Paleti with Ratna Shamsher Thapa - June 2007paleti-remembering-phatteman-may-2007 Paleti remembering Phatteman - May 2007paleti-with-hiranya-bhojpure-december-2006 Paleti with Hiranya Bhojpure - December 2006paleti-with-pema-lama-november-2006 Paleti with Pema Lama - November 2006paleti-with-prakash-gurung-october-2006 Paleti with Prakash Gurung - October 2006paleti-with-dawa-gyalmo-september-2006 Paleti with Dawa Gyalmo - September 2006paleti-with-ganesh-rashik-august-2006 Paleti with Ganesh Rashik - August 2006paleti-with-mani-kamal-chhetri-july-2006 Paleti with Mani Kamal Chhetri - July 2006paleti-with-kumar-subba-and-karma-yonjan-may-2006 Paleti with Kumar Subba and Karma Yonjan - May 2006paleti-with-manjul-april-2006 Paleti with Manjul - April 2006paleti-with-shanti-thatal-march-2006 Paleti with Shanti Thatal - March 2006paleti-with-bhim-birag-february-2006 Paleti with Bhim Birag - February 2006