सोझो मन साटेँ - Suraj Kumar Thapa

    सोझो मन साटें आफैंलाई ढाँटें
    सम्झनामा कल्पी मैले रात सिंगै काटें

    आकाश सारा डढे जस्तो चन्द्र तारा बगे जस्तो
    पृथ्वीको हृदयमा ज्वालामुखी फुटे जस्तो

    वसन्तले ठगे जस्तो सिमाना नै टपे जस्तो
    प्रकृतिको सौन्दर्यमा दागैदाग लागे जस्तो

    रंगरूप उडे जस्तो मायामोह छुटे जस्तो
    लाग्छ सुखशान्तिभित्र अँध्यारोमा डुबे जस्तो

    Sojho man saate aaphailai dhante
    Samjhanama kalpi maile raat singai kate

    Aakash sara dadhe jasto chandra tara bage jasto
    Prithviko hridayama jwalamukhi phute jasto

    Vasantale thage jasto simana nai taape jasto
    Prakritiko saundaryama dagaidag laage jasto

    Rangarup ude jasto mayamoha chhute jasto
    Lagchha sukha-shantibhitra andhyaroma dube jasto

    A simple heart I exchanged
    And cheated my own
    Spent the whole night awake
    But only in fantasy I saw it happen

    The sky looks as if it has all burned out
    The moon and stars seems flowing out
    As if a volcano has just erupted
    Right at the heart of the Earth

    It’s like as if the spring has cheated
    And that borders been encroached
    As if there are stains everywhere
    All over the nature on its beauty

    It’s as if all colors been washed out
    And that all love and passion cut out
    Seems the peace and serenity
    Sunk themselves in a dark black out

    Paleti is a micro event series dedicated to Nepali Adhunik Sangeet. As of now, Paleti has already received blessings and participations of over 50 senior artists.

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