किन हो हजूरलाई - Sangita Pradhan

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    किन हो हजुरलाई आफ्नो भनिदिनु मन लाग्छ
    सागरको पानि जति सागरको पानि
    माया गरुँ गरुँ लाग्छ
    आफ्नो भनिदिनु मन लाग्छ

    मिठा मिठा भावनाहरु चंचल बनि आँखा बीच
    मुटूभरि माया सांचो तिमीलाई दिउँ दिउँ लाग्छ

    मनभित्र कस्तो हलचल जब उस्को सामु पर्दा म
    एक क्षणलाई पाई दिदा सास विश्व जिते जस्तो लाग्छ

    Kina ho hajurlai aaphno bhanidinu mana lagchha
    Sagarko pani jati sagarko pani
    Maya garu garu lagchha
    Aaphno bhanidinu mana lagchha

    Mitha mitha bhawanaharu chanchal bani aankha bich
    Mutubhari maya sancho timilai diu diu lagchha

    Manabhitra kasto halachal jab usko samu parda ma
    Eka kshanlai pai dida sas wishwa jite jasto lagchha

    Why to you I want to say
    That you are but only mine

    As broad as the waters in ocean
    I want to offer you all my love
    And say that your are but mine

    Sweet feelings splash among eyes
    All the love there is in my heart
    I want to give to you all the while

    What is this thrill that stirs in me
    Every time I get to see her close
    Even a quick breath I manage
    Seems I have triumphed this world

    Paleti is a micro event series dedicated to Nepali Adhunik Sangeet. As of now, Paleti has already received blessings and participations of over 50 senior artists.

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